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other Creating a note in a specific notebook by email

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I recently learned about the possibility to send an email to Evernote as a note, but as far as I can see, there is no way to have an email to be sent in a specific notebook.


Yammer solves this issue by adding extensions to the email address for groups and I am sure Evernote can implement something similar for notebooks.


Let's assume that the email address to send an email to my Evernote is xxxxxx@evernote.com


To have my email to be added to my notebook called "My Notebook", I would easily send the email to xxxxxx+mynotebook@evernote.com. At least this is how it is implemented in Yammer and I think it will work with Evernote too.


I think it is an important feature because if you send a lot of emails with important information to Evernote, having to categorize them manually may be overwhelming.





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From How to email to/from Evernote:





You can specify a destination notebook for your email by appending the subject line with the symbol “@” followed by the name of an existing notebook. Add a tag by including “#” followed by an existing tag. If adding both notebook and tag information, be sure to include the notebook name first.

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