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Image in note too big on ipad

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Hello.  I am creating notes with images at the top for my business (as headers).  I've been using images that are around 850 pixels wide as they are compatible with facebook covers etc , so they have multiple uses.  The note looks fine when viewed on the pc, however, when I view the note on a mobile device (ie. I use a shortcut tiny.cc with the shared note's hyperlink) the image goes way off the edge of the page and look unprofessional.  For example: http://tiny.cc/myENtest


Is there a way around this?  Or at least how wide (in pixels) should I make the image so that it views correctly?


Thanks in advance!

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Some experimentation may be in order,  or if it fits your use case,  try Presentation mode.  Note contents are meant to resize automatically to fit the screen on which they're displayed,  but that's probably also affected by whatever other information you have in the note.  There's no published recommendation for image size since notes aren't supposed to be the equivalent of a web page.  You might try setting up the content in a word processor or something like Publisher and exporting to PDF which would at least make all your pages a consistent width for Evernote.  (The app doesn't need to reflow your text and pictures,  it's just displaying a standard page each time)

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