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GTD and alerting

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What would be the coolest feature: To create to-do-items in every item you want and to have those to-do-items summarized automatically in one Task list. I know you can create a thing like that using attributes. The problem with that is that you see the entire document if you use that. And what I want to see is just the sentence next to the bullet, with a reference to the document. Then you create a task list with one task per line.

Then just add a due date/time to a to-do-items, make sure evernote uses the alering option of the iphone and voila, the best to-do-list ever!

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Please check out Informant at https://informant.coderage-software.com/ - it does exactly what you are thinking off.  It's a web service that creates notes summarising all your TODO tasks that have been tagged with context (ala Get Things Done).  


At present it's free to try - so give it a shot and let me know what you think via Facebook (links to feedback on the website).


I know this is an old post, but since I was searching through the forum for people asking about GTD and automatically generated notes - this reply is pertinent.  




John Clayton

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