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mac Unable to capture the save URL

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When I capture image, and save it using the "Copy & Share URL" option, it indicates that the image is captured, but when I go to paste it there's nothing there to paste. Any ideas on what might be causing this?

I'm on an iMac.


Thanks very much. 

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@TSB - The "Copy & Share URL" option creates a share URL and copies the URL to the clipboard, not the image. If you want to copy the image to the clipboard, just do a "command+c". Make sure that you don't have any annotations selected when you do that, otherwise it will just copy the annotations.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks much. I do understand that it is copying a URL, and that's actually what I'm after. It just doesn't seem to copy to the clipboard for me, or at least I'm not able to Paste it after copying it as I normally am after copying to clipboard. Any thoughts on that? Appreciate it...

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