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I accidently removed my Evernote app on my android with information I didn't want to lose.  The email account info was incorrect and when I tried to correct the email address I ran into all kinds of problems. I can reload the app but not with the original info.


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Hi.  If your Android had synced the information back to the server you should be able to see it online if you log in via Evernote.com.  The log in box asks you for an email address OR user name,  so log in with your original user name and password an check what's there.  If you have a look at the My Account page you should also be able to change/ correct your email address.  If you've opened an account with a different email address it's presumably a duplicate.


If your Android didn't sync the information to the server,  then it only existed on the Android.  Deleting the app probably took any notes out too,  and Evernote won;t have any records or backups to help.

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