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android New User - Lost Notes

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I spent a few days with my new Nexus 7 and Evernote outlining an agenda preparing for a critical meeting. I was editing the note off-line while traveling with my wife. I returned home to my PC and began reading about how to move my notes across. Consequently, I set up a password and cloud access. After that, my Internet connection took a dive. I tried to access Evernote on my tablet but found that I had no access without logging in to the cloud! When the Internet came back some time later, I logged in and  found that my note on the Nexus had disappeared. 


I have two questions: 


1) Once synchronization is enabled, am I correct that one needs to log into the Internet to gain access to Evernote on my Nexus 7?


2) Is there any possibility that I can find my note somewhere?

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Hi.  Sorry to be dim but if you took notes on your Nexus into Evernote,  did you ever sync those notes to the server when online?  And when you're at your PC why did you need to "move your notes across"?  If you open a browser and log into your account via Evernote.com,  you can read your notes from any computer. They're not 'on' the Nexus,  they're in the cloud (or at least Evernote's corner of it anyway).

  • Check the Nexus to see what notes you have on there
  • Check via a browser to see what notes you have online
  • Install Evernote on your home PC and when it starts,  use choose "already have an account" and log in with the same user name and password you used on the Nexus.

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