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Beta Feedback


I sent feedback in previously via a support ticket and I have not kept up with this thread - so I apologize in advance for repeats.  

1) I use evernote to store bookmarks.  On a regular basis, I search for a bookmark by tag and click on the url associated with the note. The beta made this almost impossible. The URL is not displayed by default and even once I go into info, it's not clickable. The URLs within the body of the notes also seem to be hit or miss clickable.

2) My tags have multiple words in them.. the first word groups tags together by type, the second word is related to the content type (example : "content newspaper"). Non-beta search form suggests search terms if I only type part f it in.  So if I type 'news', under the searchform, I get recent searches, notbooks and tags that contain 'news', including 'tag:content newspaper'.  So they can be added from the drop down under the search field with a click.   That made it possible to have more complex tags without memorizing the exact tags or having to initiate a tag search from the tags list and it was super easy to combine tags and keywords to search. Beta doesn't have that. I have to either click the tag for the tag list or manually search by remembering the exact tag name. 

3) searching two word tags (tag:content newspaper) returns no results.  Clicking the same tag in the tags list returns results.

4) I have done several searches in which it gives me a results count and says there are results but none of the results display. I have not been able to duplicate it consistently and I don't know what I am doing to cause it. 

5) printing - I haven't figured out how to print a note yet without making the note full screen and using my browser print function. Printing in other than full screen mode prints everything but the note that is in focus  I toyed with it for about 15 minutes before I gave up. I'm sure it's some really simple gotcha - but maybe it needs to be more obvious.  In non-beta version, I appreciate being able to right click a note in the notes list and click print.  

6) Selecting multiple notes to move to a notebook or tag is either no longer possible or another cleverly hidden mechanism. I use this on a regular basis to organize stuff that's in my evernote inbox from all the various places I send notes from. 

7) With the beta version, I was constantly scrolling through my notebook list.  With the larger font and less indention under stacks, it is tougher to get through or visually process.
8) When inside a note and assigning it to a notebook, the dropdown is not sorted hierarchically within stacks, which is inconsistent with every other place the notebooks are listed, which makes it a bit tougher to find the notebook.

On the up side, I like the look. I like the text format controls only appearing when I select text. I like how bullet points and checkboxes and similar items are hidden unless I need them. I like the idea of stuff being presented when you need it. I think it has a way to go in order to stay as effortlessly and infinitely usable as it is now though.

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Using evernote beta i faced a problem to create and move a new notebook. It is easy in all other versions and I therefore believe it could be easy to fix. 


I solved it by switching to the old version back and then beta again to continue my work. 


Many thanks for your amazing work, keep it up. :)

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