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android Share - Add to Evernote from Image editor fails

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Hello support,


I use Pixlr Express image editor where I crop / resize an image and then share -> Add to evernote to add the image as a note. This fails and instead of bringing the new note dialog, Evernote starts clipping the Pixlr Express webpage. I think the shared content contains a link to their website, something like "created with Pixlr Express" and Evernote gets confused and starts clipping their website instead of creating a note with the image. I have tried another editor "Photo Editor by Aviary" and the same issue if there. Please check.


Kind regards,



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Hi.  We're not tech support,  we're a user forum.  If you want Support please follow the link in my sig.  Having said which I took a look at the Pixlr Express apps (there seem to be two - by different developers!) both of which seem to say that they'll email photos as well as share them.  Have you tried emailing a pic to your Evernote email address?

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