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android Indenting and Numbering.

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Before I continue, a short rant. First, the support page for this product is abysmal! Fill out the details, click continue and nothing is ever found, you need to up grade to premium to get to a human.


I understand this is a free forum and everyone is donating time and effort, but if someone has some pull somewhere, perhaps inform the Powers that be to come up with a better online support option.


Sorry, had to get hat off my chest. On to the issue at hand. It annoys people to no end to discover that they enter the required material and get nothing.


When editing/creating a note (on PC, Android Tab or Phone), numbered list work great. However, if you indent then next line for a numbered element, it wants to restart numbering - that seems okay.


Now you Outdent, click Numbering (or bullets) and it starts from 1 again. There is no way that we can find to resume previous numbering, short of manually doing so. Defeats the purpose.


Does anyone know how to do this?


As a side note; Springpad does not have this limitation, nor does Google Keep. We like Evernote because of the seamless sync and ease of use across all devices, but these types of shortcomings can be painful. More over, to move to another product would be quite painful as we have hundreds of notes on the go.


Thanks, and again - appologies for the brief rant.

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There isn't (yet) a way to create a 'proper' numbered and indented list in Evernote.  Lots of threads in the forums about improvements required to the "basic" editor.  Mac users got a new version recently with tables support,  so maybe there are updates in the pipeline;  meantime if you need that sort of list,  just create it in software that supports it - Word or A.N. Wordprocessor - and copy/ paste it into your note.

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Thank you all for the feedback, it is appreciated.


As jefito mentioned, Springpad is "dead" which is why we moved to evernote. We were fortunate enough to use springpad's exporter to get the bulk of our data - which btw, was not all that good.


Thanks again all.

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I am a ravenous note taker and almost everything I capture is in some form of outline format.  It allows me to logically organize topics very quickly.  The indented bullets seem to be adequate, but the numbering is inadequate.  It is egregious that a mature note taking application like Evernote doesn't have multilevel numbering that continues across paragraphs.  This is note taking 101!



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Evernote has never had multilevel numbering and AFAIK doesn't regard itself as a purely note-taking platform.  Improvements will come in due course...

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