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The IE Webclipper is installed and I can clip an article out of IE. However not all notebooks appear on the webclipper and when I clip an article it does not appear on Evernote thereafter. I have gone through all of the tips and it still does not work. Who can help me. Thank you

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Are you sure you have permission to write new notes into all notebooks? Shared or Business notebooks are subject to permissions. 

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Thank you very much for your fast reply. I have to admit however that I do not understand what you mean with "have permission" or "shared or business notebooks are subject to permissions". I have an account for myself and all notebooks are only for me. I have not shared any notebooks so far. To be more specific now. I have added new notebooks to Evernote with the desktop application and have changed some notebook names. All these notesbooks apprear on the browser as well as on the Ipad-App. When I browse through the internet and want to clip an article I go to the extras menue on the IE-Explorer and hit "add to Evernote". I separate window appears to add the article to Evernote. I can select to which notebook this article should be added. Not all notesbooks strangely appear on this list. If I select a notebook which does appear on the list a siccors icon appears showing me that the clipping will be done. But the clip does not appear on my Evernote.


I hope you can help me now better. Thank you very much in advance.

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Ok, thx. By your description it sounds like you have a fairly old version of either IE or Evernote for Windows installed. Can yo verify what version numbers you are running for:

- IE

- Evernote for Windows

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Thank you very, very much. That was the problem - now everything works just perfectly.


Thanks again

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Salve a tutti, sono notegong. E' il mio primo approccio con il forum-Evernote ed ero interessato alla discussione sopradescritta. Non ho ben capito quali soluzioni abbia fornito Jbignert

a Jung born per la soluzione.

Io ho il Web clipper su Chrome (funziona bene) e vorrei usarlo anche su IE11, è possibile . . .quali sono le procedure o i passaggi per averlo su IE11 ??  Devo ricaricare una versione di Evernote più

idonea per Windows 7 ??!!

Elenco di seguito informazioni :

PC Sony Vaio acquisto 2010

Windows 7 HP service pack 1 come sistema operativo

versione di Evernote


Mi scuso in anticipo . .se mi muovo un po' a tastoni sul forum ma. . .ci sto lavorando.

Se qualcuno ha delle indicazioni riguardo alla mia richiesta, gliene sarò grato.

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