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How long will evernote record audio of a meeting for?

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Have long meeting at work to attend. Wish to record this, will use iphone on desk.

Basically how long will i be able to record for ? 1 hour 2 hours?


Understand that once recorded if file is less than 25 mb or 100 mb , normal version v premuim you will be able to sync... but how long would would this be for a meeting.


Also if the file recorded was over this size and couldnt sync, how can i get it off phone.


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I'm not sure what the limits are, but I would keep the recordings to 30min or less from a practical matter.

At logical pauses in the meeting, stop the recording, and then start a new recording in a new Note.

This might also give you an opportunity to enter keywords and/or summary of each recording in the Note it's stored in.

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Thanks, but meeting could be quite crucial to my career progression and not one where i can stop and make notes to recordings . But good idea though.


Guessing should last good hour?

Thinking might be best to use inbuilt voice memo on phone, that way if file is too big wont be stuck in evernote. If on phone can later move to evernote via windows whatever the size.

Does this sound best plan?

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@Guy999:  If recording the meeting is that critical to your career, then I suggest that you find a better recording device than Evernote.

The quality and reliability of Evernote audio recordings is not that great.


OTOH, there are a number of excellent recording devices, maybe with multiple mics, that will do a great job for you.

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I recorded for 1 hr and 3 minutes, however, it is struggling to sync. A friend regularly records sermons which may typically be for 40 minutes or so.

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