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Hi guys

I have just changed from iOS to Android. I installed the Android version on to my phone. When I came to look at my notes which seemingly synced fine, some of the content of the notes were blank only leaving underlined text. When I point to an area and long press on a space where I remember the text was, it becomes visible again only by highlighting in this manner. Click away and it becomes invisible.

Thank you


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Hi.  Mobile devices don't normally download the content of notes - they'll sync an index,  so you can search for a note,  then download the whole note content when you select it.  Your iOS device would have done the same,  but you would have had recent notes saved in a local cache.  Sounds like you're just seeing the index contents,  which are being filled in detail when you look at the note.

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Have you had a look at the note in the web client via Evernote.com?  It may not need retrieving.  My point was that the note could be fine,  it was just the phone wasn't displaying the contents until you selected that particular note.

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