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Concerned about feedback and false positives


I  jump on BETA's.  It is fun and challenging to see what works and does not.  Call me demented but give me a new system, and I am going to try to break it.  So Evernote had a web beta?  Sign me up!


I found this BETA so unworkable and lacking in features that I had to go back. While I am not a power user, I do depend on the functions that the old/current web site offers which closely mirrors the desktop client. At work I am unable to install a PC client and bringing in my own Laptop is a significant hassle.  It nearly rivals the damage Google has done to the Drive pages.  I want my PC pages and programs to act like a PC.  I want my mobile phones to act like a full mobile version.  I want my tablet apps and pages to be a hybrid of the two.


My concern is this:  People that use advanced systems, people who rely on tags, hierarchy, folders, and notes, people who need more than the Android App may be ditching the BETA.  This will then cause the feedback for the BETA to focus on only tweaks to existing features but miss the stripped functions and therefore show a false sense of achievement (Wow we did great this week, we fixed 200 minor enhancements...hey why are there so few users now....) and miss any feedback from people who had to leave the BETA in order to remain productive.

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I agree; this should be a concern, and I have admittedly contributed to the issue by leaving the beta almost immediately after trying it. I can't handle the empty, white space or the hide-and-seek game just to find important stuff. It's useless to me without my data right on hand in an overview; I don't even know all of my available tags I could add to a document without scrolling through the convenient pane with my tags listed. Too much effort, and frankly I don't have time to be so disrupted in my work flow or my usability. Nor am I ever going to accept or force myself to trudge through more of this minimalist 'hide all the functions and information so you can have a useless sea of white space' design trend; I'm well aware that's me being stubborn, but I have limits on what I'll tolerate and I'm not going to sit around testing out something I hate so much just to see if they've ironed out the kinks in what's still an ugly and user-unfriendly interface.


I can't just go to the desktop version, as I'm not fortunate enough to have a computer powerful enough to handle all of my notes without drive thrashing and serious lag. So it's not as if I can test the beta for short bursts but rely upon the desktop version. I'd like to hope that the statistic of users who fall into the same category of "tried the beta, very soon after cancelled the beta" counts for something, though.

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I completely agree. I don't use the mobile website version, but this feels like a mobile version. For a desktop website, it is completely unacceptable. I stick with the Beta as it is highly likely that eventually they will roll it over after major accessibility flaws have been ironed out but I am concerned with the direction.


While I do have admin rights at my desk here at work, there is not a chance I am installing software for personal use, as if I want to make a note for myself I can quickly log in and put it through. This doesn't mean I want to come back after work and fix any tag mistakes, place the notebook in the tree where I want it. Eventually, using the web client is going to make a mess of my Evernote system to the point I may as well email myself thoughts if I want to be disorganised.

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I like change. I lean forward when it comes to IT solutions... if they solve a problem.

But I completely agree with stevenshytle. I went to the Beta Web App and lasted about 5 minutes. This is not a good workable solution for my needs. What a waste of real-estate on my screen. What problem was Evernote trying to solve?

I agree that because I am leaving so quickly, none of my issues would be resolved... hence my being here.


I fail to see the need to create everything with a "clean" look, these days. This is note taking and, for some of us, note hoarding. Clean is not in my vocabulary; not for my brain and not for my notes.

- I need max info in front of me. I went from 31 notebook listed, to 15!! 11 note listed to 5.

- I went from 1/4 inch space on each side of my note to 2.5 inches of dead empty space. (in full screen, that's 5 1/4" of my 19"-wide screen that is unused (yes, that means 105 square inches out 185 of white useless space. Let me be wrong and hope that there is a way to fill my screen.

- The full screen button serves no purpose other than remove the other lists. The note is still almost the same size.

- Quick buttons like reminder, delete, view note in separate window are no longer visible in the main note window.


This is definitely not helping my productivity. I have to use the Web app at work, because I cannot instal the Windows App, so I will hang on to the old version for as long as I can.

Not happy :-(

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