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Joining Public notebooks now a pain in the butt


First of all... I'm positive about the whole interface change... but one sticky area for now, which goes beyond my choice to opt in or out of the beta version, is that others who have opted in are now having difficulties joining a public notebook I have shared, especially on Mac and iOS.


I suspect it may be the same on Android. People are resorting to joining Public notebooks on desktop. (I know for sure that Windows desktop presents no problem with the new web interface when joining a Public notebook). I think it's definitely something worth sorting out ASAP, since this throws a spanner in the works when it comes to, for example, the convenience that an iPad should afford one... being able to join a notebook there and then and have it appear in your iPad client. 


I had to resort to posting 7 individual public note links to the templates I provided at the end of this post. Please give it a go on whatever client you're using and let's get some feedback as to which platforms are affected:


The post:




The public notebook:





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Thanks for fixing this... works fine for joining notes in iOS now :-)

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