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In beta, moving note into new notebook changes your view

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I send a lot of new notes to my "Inbox" (default) notebook, then periodically go through them to retitle them, tag them, and move them to their permanent notebook homes. I can't do that in the "classic" web version anymore, because titles can no longer be edited in that mode. In the web beta, I can edit titles and tags, but I can't merge notes, which I can live with for the moment (I assume it's temporary).  The thing that irritates me most about the beta is that  when I am reviewing my Inbox notebook and reassign a note to a different notebook, my view follows the note into the newly-assigned notebook, instead of staying in the Inbox with the note disappearing from sight. Completely unworkable. 

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I second this. I just chose the new web interface and the same issue breaks my workflow. I rely on being able to refile my notes as needed in order to implement my task organization workflow, and this change makes Evernote unusable for me.


Please add in an option to shut this off.


To conflate two issues, it would be great if you added in customizable keyboard shortcuts as well. But I can live without that.

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Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue.



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