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REQUEST: automated "scan receipt" template


Keeping track of receipts is a major use for Evernote.  Scan document is great. Tables are great.  ORC works great.  Search for words is great!  How about putting everything together by having a scan option that:

  • scans as document
  • resizes receipt for one page printed report.  Cut long receipts images so they print out side-by-side within table cell- not split onto second page.
  • places image in a table so notes about the receipt print out next to each other, side-by-side
  • have the cell next to the receipt have the headings: Note, Amount, Name, Date, Business, Address, and Account
  • ORC business name, address, and total into table cell next to receipt
  • ORC and highlight text on receipt image for standard words such as "total" "date", "account", "name", "amex", or "visa" "address".  It is not fun to scan receipts for these things, some are the top, some at the bottom. 
  • automatically tag note as "receipt"


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Sounds great, but I hope you don't need this for a while.   ;)

Not sure when, if ever, Evernote might get around to this.


Meanwhile, you might checkout the many iPhone apps that create and manage receipts.  Don't know if they will do everything on your list, but some might come close.  I remember one that would even generate an Excel and/or PDF file that you could submit as your expense report.


If you want integration with Evernote, could then import the above report into Evernote.

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