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Finding my notes in google search results

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I found an interesting idea about getting evernote search results when searching google in context of integration of these two services.


I know, I don't use any guidelines when using evernote, and I should process my notes everyday but I don't do it, I saved alot of useful information there and I found myself sometimes searching Google and getting answers from there which has been already saved into my notebook.

Yes, it's not a big difference if the result is in my note or in the google, but anyway it's just a topic for discussion...


Please vote up or vote down and write your thoughts here.


Thank you for your time. 


Alex.  :P

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Hi.  Not quite sure what you're asking here,  so here's a few comments.

  • Search Engines and Evernote don't 'integrate'. 
  • It is possible to search your notes at the same time you search generally so you can see whether you already have notes on any given subject.  Check the options for your browser clipper and tick "related results" - when enabled, "searching the web with supported search engines will also display results from your Evernote account."
  • That's already available on desktops, possibly also on tablets.
  • There's no 'voting up or down' in this forum.



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This is a great feature of Evernote.  I find it VERY helpful.  As far as I know, you must use CHROME as your browser.  I use CHROME so this is not an issue for me.

Here are instructions:  https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2010/09/30/evernote-chrome-extension-gets-simultaneous-search/

You just need to use CHROME, download the Evernote extension, and ACTIVATE the SEARCH option in the OPTIONS.


Hope that helps!



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Ah.  Sorry - didn't realise we were talking about searches that span both Google and Evernote.  AFAIK Opera,  Firefox and Chrome and probably IE can all search Evernote at the same time you do an internet search and show both sets of results in one place.  Check out the settings in your browser-clipper-of-choice and tick the appropriate box.

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However, it is weird that the search result beside google is different to the result of direct search in evernote.

Though the evernote online result is the same as desktop version. 

Conclusion: simultaneous search (with google etc) has different index than evernote's own search. 


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