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ios Snippets and Cards

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Does anyone know how to change the photo in the snippet or card?  For recipes, it is pretty important to have a photo that looks like the meal, not a random photo of the chef or something.  Thanks guys,

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Look for "Featured image" and an anal discussion about "biggest, smallest" - you won't believe it.


I don't think Evernote will change this system anytime soon


If they stick to their new Web Beta interface "cards" would seem pretty irrelevant anyway

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As @cbits says, the short answer is that you can't.  There's an algorithm that automatically selects (according to Evernote) the picture with the "largest smallest dimension" as the thumbnail.  So if you have 900x400 and 600x500 pictures,  the last one will be the thumbnail.  (Not sure if I got the sizes the right way around...)

You could

  • change the sizes of pictures in your note to meet the requirements (tried this once - got headaches)
  • delete all other pictures so there's only one to choose from
  • change the name (the extension) of the other picture files so they won't be recognised as such - JPG becoming GPJ forinstance
  • zip (compress) all the picture files but one into an archive file

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