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Decryption bug - can't decrypt

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I'm testing with Chrome & Firefox on OS X 10.9.5.


What i wanted to do was give someone a URL to a single note using the "Copy share URL" function as well as giving them the passphrase for the encryption used on that page. I understood that the web client and web interface didn't allow encrypting, but i have seen reports that web decryption is supported. 


In my test, i access the shared URL via a browser (Firefox & Chrome) and I am not logged on to the web client. When i hover my mouse over recently encrypted text, the hint shows up as a tool tip. I made sure that popups were allowed for www.evernote.com, but I find no way to prompt for decryption. Given the web beta, I have checked what happens via the client. In the client I am seeing the same behavior of the tooltip showing the hint on recently encrypted text but no means by which i can decrypt.









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