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Richard Nash

Feature Request: Paragraph Styles


Hi Evernote,


I really like the new Evernote web beta interface. It may actually get me to use Evernote again, as I had moved away from it's cluttered and confusing interface, but I think it is a little feature poor at this point in time. One of the things that I would love to see implemented in the new Evernote beta is paragraph styles.


This new interface is clearly inspired by medium.com and in-place rich text creation and editing in general, which I am a rather large fan of. But something that Evernote has never had before is paragraph styles. I would love to have the ability to designate a paragraph as either an H1, H2, H3, Title, Subtitle, Block Quote, Paragraph (Body Text), or Citation. It would not have to be an exhaustive list, just add a second row of buttons to the in-place tool-tip/HUD/contextual toolbar that would represent the most important paragraph styles, like the ones that I have mentioned.


This would go a long way to making the new Evernote web beta a complete and beautiful solution for creating and saving our thoughts and stories :-)


Thank you,



Richard Nash

Los Angeles, CA

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