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Can't download attachment with new beta interface

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It's pretty early morning here and I haven't had my 10th coffee so I might just be dumb


When I try to downolad an attachment from my notes on the new beta interface it just doesn't work.

General web use is clicking on a file will start downolad - here it just brings up some formatting toolbar.

Tried double clicking (or more accurately hit my mouse compulsively for about 1 minute) but nothing happened.

I'm on latest firefox on a mac pro.


It's a beta so bugs to be expected - I think that's one :)

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Same problem here.  I chalked it up to using IE or being related to some sort of firewall issue, but I've now tried on two separate computers on different networks with similar results.


I can't imagine this is a bug though because this forum would be full of complaints about it - are we doing something wrong?

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