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Auto-tag any new text note that comes via smartphone

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I'm looking to set up my notes so that if I make a note on my android phone, it is automatically tagged "fromphone".


Using the android app, I cannot seem to find a way to tag notes other then doing it manually each time. Is this possible in the android app? Is it possible in the ios app?



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You can't autotag but that information does exist already in the note metadata.  I have an iphone and if I do a search on source:mobile.iphone it will give me a list of all notes created there.  For an android phone I'm guessing that the search string is source:mobile.android.  Another way to see this (using the Windows client at least) is to go into list view and a right mouse button on the titles will allow you to expose or hide different column data, and one of the choices provided is source.  If you expose that column you can see whether notes came from a web clipping, or an email or your mobile device.

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Evernote has lots of great advanced search operators. But it's a lot easier to let people setup autotagging rules, such as:

If source:mobile.android, then apply tag "fromphone".


If resource:application/pdf, then apply tag "pdf".

I can never remember all these advanced search operators, and so it's a lot easier if we can just create rules that automatically apply these tags. Would be a great timesaver.

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