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web Send clean article from rss to Evernote?

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I have been googleing and trying this now for more than 2 days. Here is what I would like to do:


Get a clean view of a full article from an rss feed. This would be like opening the full article on a blog and use Clearly and then send this complete cleaned up article to Evernote, BUT fully automatic, as if I would use a rss reader. 

What I did: 
Put the full articles in Readability & Instapaper and then use Zapier or IFTTT to read the article and send it to Evernote.
Zapier doesn't even have support for Readability or Instapaper (pocket neither). IFTTT has support for all 3 of them BUT they only let me get an excerpt, not the full article, Then I tried the RSS Feeds, you can get from your own Readability or Instapaper Accounts and use them as triggers in Zapier or IFTTT, but in the feeds is also only an excerpt.


I don't want to manually send all the articles from Instapaper or Readability to Evernote. 


Does anybody have an idea how to this?

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