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Web clipper menu disappears in Chrome before I can use it

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Just joined Evernote and like it, but when I am using my Mac (10.6) when I click on the icon in my Chrome browser, the menu appears for a second, but then vanishes and a window pops up with the name of the article, but it is asking me to take a screen shot. None of the other options like simple article are available and I I need them. Please advise. 

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Please mention what Web Clipper version you are running. 


This sounds like the Clipper is starting in Screenshot mode since that was the last used action (that's the default behavior). 

When you see the prompt asking you to take a screenshot you click 'Cancel' to get back to the full menu. 


You may want to visit the options page and change the setting for 'Default clip action' if yo find this behavior confusing or annoying. 

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You are absolutely right! I thought I'd clicked 'Cancel' before, but I must've just dismissed the dialog. Following the actions you described did the trick. Thanks much.


(I'm using Web Clipper 6.2.4, btw.)



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