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other Feature Request - clipper remember clipped pages


I wonder if it would be possible to implement a 'remember' feature for pages that one has already clipped. Not infrequently I'll visit a specific page that has some info that's very useful to me. I'll clip the page. A month later I'll be researching that same topic, run across the same page, and not remembering that I clipped it previously, I clip it again. Thus I wind up with duplicate clipped pages.


I would think the logic for this would be fairly trivial - if the URL hasn't changed, it's likely that it has the same content. It could perhaps do a very simple diff on some elements of the page to determine if it's the same. Then simply advise 'already clipped on August 16, 2014, to notebook xyz' or some such.


Just a thought.

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I sometimes find this to be a problem too. One way I get around it is by using "related notes" in the clipper. Generally, this has helped me detect duplicates, though only after the fact. At least this way I can just go in and immediately delete the duplicated clip. 

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