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android How to select card view?

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In the Google Play store I see screenshots of a good looking card view (let's say picture first).

When I open Evernote on my phone or 8' tablet I see the cards in I think what's called expanded card view: mainly the title and a small picture.

I've looked around severely, but how do I select the view I want as in the desktop version?



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There are differences in features between desktop,  tablet and phone,  so the precise layout you saw may not be available.  You have a choice between List,  Snippet and Card views in desktop applications.  If all of those aren't listed for you,  or the ones you can find aren't the same view,  there are no other options I'm afraid.

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The current Android client, 6.0 (I think it's in release now, I usually run the betas as they come out) doesn't have an explicit note view selector type; it changes view type based on the sort you're using. For example, if you're sorting by title, the view switched to a single line with date, title (may be truncated) and tags. If you switch to sorting by date, you get a sort of snippet view.

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