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My Android EVERNOTE "home page" had a view with four squares: 1 was a Camera, 1 was a Pencil, etc. Below this was a list of Notes, All Notebooks, etc.  Now when I open my Android EVERNOTE app, that view is no longer there.  Is this because of an update, or did I do something to change the view on my smart phone?   I appreciate the help.

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To answer your question "Music Man", yes Evernote recently made a significant, visual change to the Android Evernote app. The current version, as far as I know is - 5.9.2. To find out which version you are on, go to the homepage, click on the little "hamburger" icon(menu button at the top right corner). click on Settings. click on Support. You should now see which version is currently installed on your device.


Here are some of the changes that they made:


What's New
A fresh look for the app, redesigned to serve you better!
Quick note
-tap the round green + to create different types of notes
Revamped navigation
-simpler navigation drawer with direct access to shortcuts
Improved note editor
-cleaner layout
-undo/redo capability
Handwriting improvements
- shape recognition
- pinch to zoom
Evernote Web Clipper


Hope this helps.

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Not sure I recognise the Android home page from your description - it could have been one of the widgets you can install on your home screen,  or maybe the old dark page that's normally available by swiping the default screen to the right.  That has now been replaced by a redesigned list of the same options.

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