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Printing notes

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Dear Good People of Evernote,


please add some printing options to Evernote. 


I use Evernote on the Mac, iPad and iPhone to create reports, call sheets and other stuff, and share them as pdf files generated by Mac OS. 


It would be really really good to have some more control over the results...

  1. page margins - they are way too big! 
  2. a bit more control over what gets into printed headers
  3. page numbers (Page x of y)... or even a header / footer with choice of note name, date etc...
  4. page break preview / manual page break
  5. "save as / share as pdf" - would be soooo cool on iOS....
  6. when select print and then save as pdf, it would be good to have the note name as file name instead of some boring default

Thank you for your attention!

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