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Turning off outlined text

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Hello! Im very new to Evernote and still working through some problems.  I am currently using Evernote for school and print all of my powerpoint into Evernote as pdfs and then annotate on them. 


I have one problem. When I make a note with text, the default style is the "outlined" text. After I'm done making my note, Evernote will give me the option to change the "outlined" text into plain text. 

Is there a way to set the default style to the plain text? Personal preference when I look back through my notes, I'd like to see everything in plain text instead of "outline" text.


Thanks for the help!

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The annotations options are very limited. The thinking, I'm guessing, is give Evernote uses a quick and easy way to make very quick and readable annotations -- "working files" -- sort of  -- not like presentation of polished finished products. The outline mode gives the best chance of readability against all manner of possible noise of a background


You didn't say what platform you are using (please do so when you ask for help, each version of EN has small differences --as much as they try to keep it the same)


But I seriously doubt that a lot of effort will be put on making the annotation with a lot more bells and whistles -- there are so many areas people are asking for things and there is only so much time


If making it look pretty is important you might consider doing the annotations with a 3rd party program on your laptop or desktop back home


I could be wrong but as far as I know this is all we get for now

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Really need an option to set default text for annotation and to turn off annotation summary by default.  I often use the annotate feature to fill informs or add notes for colleagues.  It is a bit ridiculous that the default text is the "cartoonish" outline text font.    

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