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ios Suggested Feature Requests


Here's a list of items I'd love to be able to do in Penultimate.


  1. Everything in Skitch.  I want fewer apps, not more.  I find Skitch difficult and a pain to use, plus it simply doesn't work nearly as well as Penultimate.  It would be great if I could import a .pdf document into Penultimate and marked it up, or take notes on it - either as a page within a notebook or as its own seperate notebook.  I review lots of written documents, reports, etc.  Right now, I use a competitor product of Penultimate - noteshelf - to handle all of that.  I think generally speaking, Penultimate works much better (my recent problems with calibration aside)
  2. Better organization and filing of notebooks: I have been using Penultimate for nearly all of my note taking - both professional and personal - since March.  It would be great if instead of just having a list of all the variou snotebooks I have, there was a way to organize them via folders/shelves/etc by subject. For instance, I would love to have all my personal notebooks in a seperate folder than my work notebooks.  With work, I'd love to then be able to organize the notebooks in subfolders based on either the subject and/or the client.  Same with Personal notebooks.  I have various notebooks for projects around the house, for the little league teams I manage, for my boat (I have a notebook on repairs/maintenance/projects) as well as a log of my travels.   It would be MUCH more efficient if I could have them each organized by subfolder - and perhaps with some form of hotlink or bookmark to the ones I use the most, rather than having to wade through dozens of different notebooks every time I take notes.
  3. Merge Notebooks together: I have some duplicate notebooks on the same subjects.  Would love to be able to merge them all into a single notebook.
  4. Increased ink and pen width: I greatly appreciate the ease of using penultimates current choice of colors and pen widths.  However, there should also be a way to add more colors if needed, or a greater assortment of pen widths and/or textures.
  5. Cut Paste & Resize: Sometimes, I write something and I want to move it elsewhere.  Its easy to cut and paste it, but if I want to move it to a place without as much room - or to a page where I wrote everything while in the zoom mode - it would be very helpful to be able to resize a selection (perhaps by zooming in/out with fingers) after cutting it and prior to pasting it
  6. Better recognition of writing on the side:  Penultimate doesn't react well if I turn my iPad on its side and try to write a note vertically in the margins of the paper.



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