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Geerts JP

only personal tags while clipping from Outlook to EN business

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Hello Guys,


I'm new to EN  since a week, first premium and know i'm setting up the business-account so we can start swiftly after the holiday's.  after searching the forum  I still have these questions.   

I'm using the latest Dutch EN versions on Windows  en IOS 



  1. When I use the clip button "Ad To EN" in outlook 2013, and start typing in the field a "label/tag"  I only get suggestions referring to my personal tags.  Is it possible to get suggestions from the business labels as well? 
  2. Also I Can not change the destination notebook in "the EN windows version". I will by default go back to my (standard ) personal inbox . How can I change it permanent? 
  3. 3 times my IOS devices  ( ipad and iPhone ) showed  " evernote has  stopped  unexpectedly "  followed by (send report) or not . These options are not selectable ( frozen)  . the only thing I can do is remove the app en install again . and of course are the OS of these devices up to date.     

 Thx for a quick response


Geerts Jean-Pierre


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  1. AFAIK the Outlook clipper follows the settings of your browser clipper,  so if you change that to save to your business account rather than your personal one you'll get the choice of tags from the business account instead of your personal one.  I don't know any way to include both..
  2. If you change the destination notebook in your browser this should also work.
  3. Support ticket required I think - Evernote shouldn't be crashing on any platform.

Hope that helps.

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Thx for the advice ,  


On my ipad it works just fine now, but on my desktop ( windows 7 and outlook 2013) the suggested labels are still those from the personal  notebook. 


do need to do something for that ticket ?  i'm new  ....

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i'd like to follow up on this also. Web clipper sgugests tags for both business and personal, but outlook is only suggesting personal tags. It's very annoying, as inevitably it makes tagging less consistent. 



If this is supposed to be aimed at serious business users, then outlook integration is essential, otherwise we might as well just use shared personal notebooks. 

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Support is available via the link in my sig,  plus business users (or at least the account administrator) should have direct contact details.  Please let us know what feedback you get...

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I had a live chat with support, who eventually got back to me to say that they thought it was a known bug/issue with the outlook clipper. I'll get back to you with info if I get any more. 

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