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android it's possible "share with" an existing note?

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I'm using Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

I flipping a website... I want to take a note... using my s-pen I select an area, I (hand)write a comment ...I make "share with".

But I want to store a new Notes ... I would like to add to an existing note.


Now... I have some ways:


Way A) I share the scraap on a s-note synced with Evernote => ISSUE : 



Way B) I share scraap with Evernote => ISSUE : create a new note.


Way C) I share scraap with Skitch => ISSUE : create a new skitch and/or note.


There's a way to append the scraap on an existing note?



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There's no way to annotate a clip.  You can make notes separately - clip the site,  then make your notes in a new note.  Then merge the two notes into one.  Hope that helps.

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