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Jim Hogan

SalesForce Integration problem

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I am looking for answers to fully integrate Evernote for Business and SalesForce.  I have followed the Evernote Business for Salesforce Installation and Administration Guide and getting different results.


I am able to add the Visual Force Lable onto a Page but it is not an active link that actually opens Evernote.  When I added Evernote for Business and connected the accounts, all moved forward as anticipated.


Any ideas?  I am at a loss.  


Screenshot from Install guide

Screenshot from my computerpost-208356-0-15414400-1403657162_thumb.post-208356-0-31655300-1403657175_thumb.

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Hi Jim,


Can you create a support ticket at Evernote.com, and ask for it to be escalated to the Customer Success team? I'm happy to help dig into this issue. 

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