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How do you view full tag names on the iPad?

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I have a couple of problems with viewing\using tags on the iPad.


The most serious one is that I can't seem to figure out how to view the tags properly. If I go into the tags section I can see the beginning of the tag names but they are all squashed up all on one side of the screen and the rest of the screen is just unused grey space. I've tried dragging the tag section across into the empty area but it doesn't work. As you can see in the screen grab I have a lot of tags that start of with the same word so it's not possible for me to know which is the correct tag i'm after unless I can see the name of the tags.



The second is that my tags are just appearing in alphabetical order rather than via hierarchical order as I have it set on the desktop. How do I get the tag hierarchy showing that I've set-up on the desktop?




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Hi Reckoning,


Unfortunately, I don't think you can do either of what you have listed above.  You can edit the view of your tags a bit, but they will still appear truncated and the hierarchy will not be displayed.


Go to your Settings of the iPad.  The little Gear icon next to the iPad Name in EN.

Scroll to the Bottom part of that Section you will find Details.

Set the Details to On for Tags, and any other option you wish to see details.


Also, you can Sort your Tags by either by Name or Count.  However, once again, the hierarchy will not be displayed.  I think you can only see the hierarchy on your Desktop.  It would be nice to have a larger view of things, but that is one of the shortcomings of the iPad app.


You can surely submit a Support Ticket requesting those features to make sure EN knows you want/need those features.  However, EN employees do read these Threads and will see your Post here.


Sorry I could not be of more help.

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Hi Sentinel,


Thanks for the reply.


It's a shame the tags can't be viewed by hierarchy, especially after i'd spent so much time on the desktop organising them.


The real problem though is not being able to view the tag names. I don't understand the reason behind this, overall the iPad is pretty well designed in my opinion but in this area it falls short. Why have 2/3 of the screen empty and then squash the important stuff onto the side preventing the information from displayed fully? Doesn't make sense.


I'll just have to carry on doing what i've been doing then and just go through clicking on the tags until I find the one I want.



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I agree.  The ability to view the Tags in the Large View as you can Notes, would be great!  Notebooks as well for that matter.  


Evernote, we would appreciate these Views to added to the iPad App.  Thank you!

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I completely agree on this one. I'm trying to change the way I use EverNote to be more "GTD". This means that I now have quite a few tags. I've made them hierarchical, but only by name, what I mean is that I actually haven't nested them in EverNote, but I've named each tag to show the hierarchy, like this "Project>SubProject>SubSubProject", or something like that.

On my iPad this is a problem when I try to add new tags to an existing note, or when I try to filter by tags, since all I can see is part of the project name, making the tags unusable until I get back to my desktop computer.

There are a few simple solutions that EverNote could employ fix to this:

1) Allow users to widen the sidebar that shows the tags

2) Make the "add tag" box wider also

3) Don't "wrap" the tags into two columns. I would guess that simply listing the tags in one column would accommodate most of my long tag names.

Combining these solutions would fix the problem for sure.

I hadn't thought about solving this with hierarchical tags, but it sounds like that wouldn't work anyway. I guess I could do a hierarchy and code each project with a letter

A: Project Name



This way I would be able to visually see all the projects and then filter it using the letter and hierarchy. Not sure if this will work for everyone. The better solution would be if Evernote would just fix the iPad display.


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