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Can any one tell me why "save" is not an option on any of my jpegs (its greyed out). I mark up many jpegs and using the export is a far slower route but it is the only option I ever have available to save my skitch notes. Its not a files permissions thing because I can save edits in preview. Your help is appreciated!

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Mac OSX Mavericks

Skitch 2.7.2


It is not greyed out for me.  The only Save option I have is under the File menu and it works fine.

What Skitch version do you have?

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Instead of looking for 'Save' in menu, you now have to drag the 'Drag to save' handle into the relevant folder

See https://evernote.com/skitch/guide/mac/#7 (shows screenshot)

It's because the default behaviour is set up to prioritise saving for Evernote. 

Hope this helps anyone else who stumbles across this old question :)

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