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Synching web-info with iPhone

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I see variations of my question, but I can't find any answer beyond uninstalling the app. I did that, and reinstalled. No improvement. If I go to Evernote on my laptop (Mac) I can access all my files/notebooks. But the app on my iPhone does not display the notebooks, and assumes I'm a brand new client. I think it was wiped clean with the uninstall, but aren't these files web-based? What am I missing? I need to see the files on my iPhone and do not want to start fresh, as though I do not have a previously active account. Thanks.

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Are you sure you are logged into the same account on both devices?

The web is the golden truth of Evernote. Log into the web client at www.evernote.com with the same account you've used on your Mac. Are your notes there? If so, log into your iPhone app with the exact same credentials.

If not, try adjusting your credentials in case you have accidentally created a second account. Whichever login produces the right looking content on the web is the one you ought to use on all of your devices.

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I am on the same account, and some of my previous notebooks have started appearing. Why not all is a mystery, but perhaps eventually they will appear also. This has been a little strange, but to my knowledge, there isn't anything I can "tweak" differently. I will give it a little more time and see what happens. Thanks.

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Ok there are a few things to consider here that might be causing this strangeness. Just a bit of brainstorming here.....


1) If you have TONS of notes, several thousand or in the tens-of-thousands, it could take a while to load all the headers on the iOS client. However, for most people it should be a matter of minutes, an hour perhaps for those with thousands and thousands. 


2) Possibility of some notebooks on your mac being "Local" - that is, notebooks that don't sync to the server. 


Do you know if any if your notebooks on your Mac are local? One way to tell is in the Notebook screen, mousing over a synchronized notebook should display a couple of buttons. Local notebooks have no buttons. 


3) If you are relatively new to Evernote and you've just done a HUGE bulk addition to Evernote, you may have hit your upload limit, so only some of your content has been uploaded to the server and would be accessible to your mobile device. You can check your quota in your account information screen. 


Do any of these apply to your case?



As per my last post, are ALL of your notes from your Mac also present on www.evernote.com?


If not, it would suggest either a sync problem, or that you have at least one local notebook. 

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