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EN no longer showing up in Galaxy Note 3 "S Finder" search results

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I'm a longtime EN premium user and have owned the Note 3 since December 2013.  Until recently, one of the things that I loved was that I could use the Note 3's  "S Finder" app to search all content on the phone (action memos, stored files, google drive etc) while also searching Evernote simultaneously.  Recently, for no reason obvious to me, Evernote notes no longer appear to be being searched when I do an S Finder search.  I have gone into settings multiple times and checked and unchecked evernote, even uninstalled and reinstalled EN to see if I could get it working again.  No luck.  I've posted this issue on XDA developers, phandroid, and even recently did an online chat with AT&T my provider) without any luck. I'm starting to consider even doing a factory reset, but I'd hate to go through all of that trouble (already did it once recently after installing Kitkat).  Yes, S Finder was still searching EN long after I installed KitKat, so I don't believe that's the problem either.  Someone please help!!




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Hmmn.  I do know KitKat changed some important accesses in the interests of security,  so maybe it is a factor.  Unless someone else has the same issue though this isn't likely to be anything that Evernote can help you with,  if the app is otherwise working correctly.  You lost a feature of the Android OS maybe for which Evernote was never intended to be available.  It's still worth trying a support ticket (see below) since there are guys in Evernote who know a little bit about Android and might be able to comment.  Failing that you're pretty much stuck with two searches instead of one unless/ until someone comes up with more...

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Hi, I encountered this problem as well some months back, but I just checked and once again my S-Finder searches Evernote. Hope it's not just temporary or a fluke. Just thought I'd share.

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