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ios Fonts and size adjustment on iPad

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I really think it is a major weak spot not to have font size adjustment in note taking on  the iPad.  This puts evernote so behind all of the other note taking options available on the iPad.   It makes it just that more difficult to do actual work in evernote as oppose to simply attaching word documents.  I cannot believe this would so difficult given that the app recognizes the font sizes in evernote notes that are created on the mac or the web.  Also if I copy a document from another note taking program or word processor on the iPad into evernote the font sizes are retained.  

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I agree with JM05.


I've had a long relationship with Evernote, never quite getting to the stage of using it seriously but every time I come back and have another look it seems to keep getting better and I get ever closer to using it for real. On this topic though I could swear that when I last looked, which might have been a year or so ago, there was at least some basic font and size adjustment capabilities in the iPad client that seems to have been removed.


I seem to remember that maybe in the past there was the ability to format something as a heading and maybe sub-heading that gave different font sizes, albeit pre-defined ones. At least for me that was all that I really wanted but even that seems to be gone now (assuming that my memory isn't playing tricks on me about it ever being there in the past or that it is still implemented but I can't see how to access that functionality in the latest iPad client).


- Julian

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