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Changing Date Created on Business Card Scan

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Hi there!  It seems that unlike other types of notes, Evernote wont let me change the "Date Created" field for Scanned Business Cards?  Is there a reason for this?  

I'd like to change this filed to reflect the date that I had a meeting and received the card so it appears chronologically... otherwise if I wait two days to scan the business card I will have a date which is not truly relevant (the date I meet someone is more important then the date i had the time to scan the card).  


Clearly one solution would be to always scan cards the day I meet someone but in a large conference where I can get lots of cards that not always possible.  

Thanks for the help!!


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If you're batch scanning cards,  I saw some advice from Evernote that to help the edge recognition process it's best to scan light cards on a dark background and vice-versa.  You could actually turn that around and print one-line meeting details on a light background (for light cards) and scan the card just below a line which says "Marketing meeting 20140425" (or whatever's appropriate) so you can search for the OCR'd meeting date or title and return all the cards.  Note this is not tested and I don't actually know whether the tweaked card scanning process with pick up those extra details,  but it's worth trying at least once...


The other options are:  titles or tags with meeting details.  I did work out that a date and a zip code make a pretty unique tag,  so all you want are your meeting details in one note,  and the tag on all your contacts...

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I'm not sure if the iOS client ever had the ability to change the create / updated date on notes but the desktop clients have this ability to change the dates.

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