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productivity Evernote + Workflowy + Bullet Journal

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After several years working with Evernote and testing almost any system implementation from GTD to Action Method and etc. I finally developed something on top of Evernote using Workflowy and the principle of Bullet Journal. I am testing it for a while and it works great!



  1. Evernote Account
  2. Evernote Moleskine Notebook
  3. Workflowy Account
  4. Getting familiar with Bullet Journal

Basically, Workflowy works as a daily planner and project planner, Evernote as a content management and digital note-taking platform, and Moleskine as a analog note-taking platform. If you are getting interested start reading it in detail, I call it: Workflowy Journal



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Very nice work. Thanks for posting it.

There are a lot of tips in the link.


Suggestion: add your name again to the end of the Journal.

I put it into my Evernote using Evernote Clearly. Unfortunately, Evernote Clearly has a nasty habit of eliminating author's names and bylines that are on the cover or first page. If you add it again at the end as part of the "please feel free to add comments", it will be captured correctly.

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