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Can't views photos in Evernote on iPhone

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Since upgrading to Evernote I can't view photos on the iPhone that I have saved within notes. They are still available to view in my evernote account when viewed on a computer.


Any advice appreciated.





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My wife is having the same problem. She was able to see the photo notes on the computer (in the OSX app), but couldn't see the photos on her phone (iPhone4s).


In the snippet view, only the title or time is listed. When you go to view the note, only the title and the notebook selection and "more..." is showing. Then blank space until you see the usual icons at the bottom.


I found that when I copy a photo note to the same notebook in the OSX app (effectively duplicating the note), synchronize on the computer, then sync evernote on the iphone, the new duplicate note does correctly display the photo.


But the OLD note that I was testing originally on the iphone to see if I could get the photo to appear must have been changed -- deleting the photo, because when the automatic sync took place, the photo that I WAS seeing on the OSX app disappeared app too. So that photo seems to be gone from her account forever. 


All of the copied/duplicated notes seem to be functioning properly. 


A couple of things to note:

1. She was behind in her app and iOS updates. She recently got caught up on all of the updates. So something might have happened in the update to iOS 7.1 or to the latest Evernote iOS version.

2. My iOS software is all up to date (always updated on a regular basis), and I wasn't seeing any of my photo notes the photo preview in the snippet or card view. But I found that I can get the image to show in the card preview by opening/viewing the note, and going back to the snippet/card view listing of all of the notes in my notebook. It just takes a little time for the preview to appear sometimes.


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is this resolved? i also encountered this kind of error on ios9. I have a notebook and all the notes has images on it. On the desktop version, i could see the images on the notes however on the ios version of the app, the images are gone but the text contents are there. The notebook was in offline mode so it had downloaded the images before.


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I have the same issue. Images in notes are visible in the web interface, but in the iphone app (ios 9) - only blank spaces. BTW images are visible in the presentation view in the iphone app, so they are synced.

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I have now this kind of issue!!!

The pictures are showed on snipet list but Not in Note view.

I run Evernote on both iphone (6sPlus) and Android (Samsung Note 5). No problem with Android version.

No one help to solve ???



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