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chrome Webclipper Data Access Security


I was about to download the web clipper when I read that it can access ALL data that passes from my computer to the web.  I assume this means if I log into a bank account, Evernote webclipper can see and store the password and bank access information.  Is that correct?  The 64-bit encryptation is not secure, very vulnerable.

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Here's a good blogpost about permissions for Chrome extensions in general http://lifehacker.com/5990769/why-do-chrome-extensions-need-to-access-all-my-data


When you clip a page with the Web Clipper it takes HTML content and converts it to ENML (Evernote Markup Language), which is what the Evernote clients understand and can display, sync, edit etc.

Thus we need access to the HTML of the webpage to make this conversion happen. As per the article the granularity in the wording of the permission levels is pretty coarse and rightfully 'conservative' and probably meant to be raising flags with users.


In the end you will have to somewhat trust the developer of the product to install it.  

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