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OneNote Binder Tailored for Academic Researchers and Writers

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OneNote Binder Tailored for Academic Researchers and Writers

I just ran across this blog about using OneNote for research, and thought I'd share it here since so many users post questions here about Evernote vs OneNote.  I can say that after having read the blog and watched the video that it is quite impressive.  I learned that OneNote has more features than I previously knew.


From the blog:


I have created a OneNote binder tailored for academic researchers and writers. The video below previews it. The binder can be downloaded from http://1drv.ms/1kQ3Wfv, and you can customize and tweak it as you wish.


Here's a few OneNote features that I found very interesting:

  • Notebook sharing and real-time collaboration [NOT available in EN] with others
  • Deep searching across notebooks, in one notebook, or in one section (including Boolean searching [NOT available in EN] and use of quotation marks to search for exact wording)
  • Searching for words in audio and video notes/content [NOT available in EN]
  • Nesting of notebook sections groups [NOT available in EN]
  • Page templates [NOT available in EN]
  • Automatic versioning of OneNote pages [NOT available in EN]
  • Syncs across all devices [just like EN]
  • Nesting of Notebook Sections, subpages under pages, with the ability to collapse and expand subpages [NOT available in EN]
  • Password protecting of tabs and sections [NOT available in EN]

AFAIK, the only areas where Evernote is clearly superior to OneNote are:

  • Easy sync across more devices
  • Much better Web Page capture with EN Clipper and EN Clearly [i believe OneNote can capture web pages ONLY as a picture, NOT as HTML text like EN]

There are probably other areas where EN is better, and I'm sure my friends here will be quick to point these out.



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