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mac Tabs representing notes in a notebook

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I read some requests for tabs.  Especially, tabs that represent each note within a notebook.  Evernote is very searchable and makes it easy to find anything in even the most vast collection of notebooks.  But, tabs (that represent notes in a notebook) would really support the way I work.  I do a lot of research and have to flip back and forth to different notes within a notebook.  Having the option to view notes as tabs would really make my work w/in Evernote much more manageable.  It works for web browsers :)


Good idea for a product that has access to the EN API maybe?



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This is an interesting request. I don't know of any third-parties doing specifically this, but there is no reason why someone couldn't


I think there is room for navigation to be improved, for sure. There would have to be some conscious effort on the part of Evernote to ensure that the functionality offered by tabs was a significant improvement over the Recent Notes section currently available in the left hand pane and also by simply double-clicking to open up notes in their own window which can be easily switched between. 

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So here is some sort of workaround that I did. 

Software used: WindowsTab.

Hope it helps!

This is a topic in the Mac sub-forum, but your solution appears to be Windows-only, correct?

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