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I need to upload a image from an application to Evernote.


As a start,

My Application should run on many old OSs, hence Is Evernote SDK compatible on 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8... ?.


Is there any possibility of using a web view to achieve this ?.

- Meaning, that in my application i wish to show a WebView loaded with Evernote URL.

- The user logs in to Evernote, and then the user can upload an image file from my application.

- This uploaded Image file should then be visible in the WebView.


Is there any sample project that I can use as reference, to show how to upload an image file to Evernote ?.



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I'm not entirely sure to understand what you want to do.


- Which SDK / language do you plan to use ?


- I'm not sure that you can embed a webview of evernote in your application : read the api license carefully.

- You cannot "upload an image file to Evernote". Evernote handles notes and only notes. You can, of course, create a note with an image attached and then upload it ("sync") to Evernote.



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Hi Laurent,


Thank you for your reply.

This is a Mac OSX desktop application, so development would be primarily using objective C.

I wish to upload a few images as a note.

I am able to create a note with an image using the sdk, got a start from https://github.com/evernote/evernote-sdk-mac.


But, I wish to achieve this using a webView, Please read on....


Consider the following scenario.. 

1. In application user selects some images the clicks "upload to evernote as a note".

2. The application launches a webview loading the login page of evernote.

3. After authentication the user can browse through the different notebooks.

4. Then the user can click on "Upload" a button provided by the application, which will create a note in the current notebook with the images selected in 1.





- I'm not sure that you can embed a webview of evernote in your application : read the api license carefully.

Are you implying section 1.4 Prohibited Uses.
(ii) the API may not be used for or to create Applications that transfer, display or use Content from Evernote without the Application creating an additional or distinct benefit for Evernote's end users' use of the Service.
So the above use case goes against evernote license agreement ?.
I've realized that evernote sdk supports 10.7 onwards only.
Thank you..

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And the question is...

Can I do this using a WebView ?.

 - Maybe some sort of URL manipulation.


Do you have any sample application to get started, which shows how to manipulate the URLs. ?.


Thanks again... 

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I don't see how what you want to do is possible. So my answer is : no you can't.

In my opinion, the best (only) option would be to do all of that in your application through the api :


- authenticate to evernote through oauth

- list the user's notebooks with the listNotebooks method

- create the note with the createNote method



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