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Problems with Evernote after updating to iOS7 on iPad

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I've heard conflicting things about iOS7 and held off updating until recently when I needed it to install a particular app.  So far, it's been OK except that it seems to have messed up Evernote.  I'm not able to easily paste text (say a recipe) from another site.  The "paste" function doesn't come up when I touch the screen.  Also when I try to edit previous text entries, the screen suddenly shifts down so I can't see what I'm editing. If I keep one finger on the screen when I type it sometimes works but is awkward and annoying. 

I've read a suggestion to uninstall Evernote and re-install.  Would that affect all my stored stuff ? Thanks in advance for any help.

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I think some of the text-editor issues are known by Evernote, they'll likely address them in an update. 


You can try a delete and re-install. That's usually an effective way of shaking out any quirks. Nothing will happen to your stuff, it is always on Evernote's servers and when you re-install and log in, your iPad will just fetch your information from the servers as usual. 

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Thank you Scott!  Much appreciated.  I use Evernote a lot so I hope the bugs are worked out soon by the Evernote tech staff.

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