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mac Synchronization failure message

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Hello. I just updated to the latest version of Evernote on my MacBook Pro and I'm recieveing the following message when I try to sync:


Synchronization failure (see attached image for full details)


My network is fine. I can get on the internet, etc. I also waited overnight thinking it was an Evernote server issue, but I tried this morning and got the same error message. Tried logging in and out...nothing.


Does someone know what's going on? Or how I can fix?


Thank you.


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I see you did not get a reply on this problem - how did you solve it?  Because I also bought a Macbook Pro (I am new to Apple) and when I try to sync my Evernote account I get the exact same message?  

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I have exactly the same problem and had posted the problem a few posts earlier but didn't receive a reply. I sent a request to evernote as well and still waiting. I will keep you posted.

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If you have free accounts, chances of recieving a Support response are very slim. (Recent policy change.) But there are several threads here on the forum about Sync issues that might prove helpful and I suggest you both run a couple forum searches.

I'm on Windows, but other Mac users will likely drop by and try to help when they have time. In the meantime, here a few links from the Evernote Knowledge Base that might be of some help.

Sync issues article:


Getting Started Guide for Mac:


Knowledge Base homepage:


And last but not least, is a link to a pinned forum outlining the "Best Practices" for contacting support. (Recently updated despite the post creation date.):


Good luck!

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