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windows (Archived) Clearly seems to automatically hijack all my Evernote Clipper notes

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Hi, I am an Evernote Premium user. I recently installed Clearly and here's my problem.


Whenever I hit the Evernote Clipper button to grab a page, EN automatically pulls the Clearly on it, wiping the page and stripping out all extraneous matters. Now, clearly, I sometimes want to use Clearly but I don't want EN initiating it without my request.


This just began a day or so ago and wasn't happening when I first installed Clearly.


Any solutions?

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Are you sure you are using Clearly? I am asking because EN clipper has an option to clip "simplified article" (just as Clearly does), and if your clipper options in "Default clip action" is set to "Last used action", and you used it before, it will keep clipping your articles like Clearly does. I have experienced this confusion myself some time ago.  Just select "Always start in Article", if that's the problem.

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