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ios Searchable Tags in Evernote

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I am trying to like penultimate and evernote but there are some things lacking that is available in MS OneNote.

  1. add a tag box in penultimate that will allow searching in evernote.  this way could write a to do list with a tag box beside.
  2. allow writing in evernote with the tag box.
  3. writing to text coversion in evernote (like OneNote).
  4. a magnifying button that will zoom in immediately to the next line.

I have been using penultimate and although it is not feature rich the zoom and scroll allows me to actually take real time notes and pay attention to the conversation in the meeting.  other apps are distracting and i find i am fooling around with the app more that actually taking notes - thus missing things.

what i dont like is when penultimate notes are brought into evernote they are uneditable, just an image file basically.  possibly a highlight or lasso function may work.


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