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How do I download evernote notes to my phone, android?

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Saturday next I hear that evernote will be offline for a half hour or so.


So, I also see that I'm supposed to be able to download notes to phone,

but I can’t do it..


I found and followed:

Knowledge Base articles about offline notebooks on mobile devices:

General: http://evernote.com/...rticle/23195066

directions assume I know what a evernote "Offline Notebook icon" looks like.
It fails to show what it looks like, just assuming everyone knows!

Well, I do not. and I see no icon anywhere when in what I hope is the described Notebooks List.
I DO have premium membership, and

Although, I have many Notes, only ONE Notebook is shown

I am totally lost here. 


Please help.

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You should fully sync your Android device so that all notebooks are available to you. (this doesn't fully sync the notes, but does sync some information for each note). Display the notebook list by exposing the home screen (sliding the note panel to the right), and selecting Notebooks. In your notebook list, tap on the right side of a notebook, on th enumber that represents the number of notes in the notebook. A menu should appear. One of the entries should be "Enable Offline Sync". Tapping on that will make the notebook  an offline notebook, and all of its notes will be fully downloaded when you sync.

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